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- WANTED!!! Raptor 30
- WANTED!!! Raptor 30
- WANTED!!! Raptor 30
- Hirobo Schweizer com
- Hirobo Sceadu OS32 *
- Rapter 50 & 30 Kits
- New Caliber 30 / OS
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- Raptor 30 with TT 39
- "NEW" Hirobo Shuttle
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- AcroStar/Quick 60 He
- JR Venture 30 -Hughe
- Scale QuickPro Jet R
- Scale Hughes 300
- Hirobo zxx Jetranger
- Robbe Eolo Electric
- Robbe Ornith

Radio Equipment
- 4 x 9202 servo's
- New Futaba 7CHP40
- Servos, JR DS8425 &
- Futaba 9250 servo
- JR DS811 servos
- Futaba FF6
- Upgrade your JR 3810
- The latest 9 channel
- Futaba GV1 Governor
- Futaba 9CAP
- FP-9ZHP WC 9 Channe
- Futaba 9CHP
- cyclic rings

- os 50 sxh carb
- os 50 sxh
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- Thunder tiger 50
- "NEW" 50 Size Muffle
- Wanted fixed pitched
- OS91 C spec
- "New" JR 50 Muffler
- "New" OS50 SX-H
- Wanted...OS 60B Carb
- OS 91SX-H Ring
- Brand New ENYA metha
- "NEW" Curtis Muscle
- os 50h

- New Futaba GY 240
- Gyro JR 5000T with 8
- Futaba GY 401
- Futaba GY401 with NE
- GY401 Gyro, servo ge
- "New" Futaba GY240 w
- "NEW" Heading Hold G
- Futaba GY240

Field Equipment
- We have it all, R/C
- Fast charger

- Rotor Blades
- Tail Servo BOOM moun
- "Rotor World" Heli m
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- 660 CMT Main Blades
- Tru-Flite heli/aero
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  • 16th May 2004:
    The Hirobo Eagle 3 took to the air yesterday! Click here for pics. Watch for an upcoming review.
  • 15th May 2004:
    The article on my Trip to the US, including my visit to the Szabo's local flying field is now ready for the next newsletter.
  • 11th May 2004:
    We're back from the Indonesian F3C Open held in Bali. I didn't fly as well as I should have, but we all had a great time nonetheless. Click here for some pics. Article will be ready for next newsletter.
  • Feature: JR Challenge 2004
    The 2004 JR Challenge was a great success, building upon the 2003 event with more competitors, more helicopters, and more maneuvers! Click here.

    Right: The JR Challenge Shield

    Setting up your rotorhead
    This is my attempt to explain a little about the complexities of head setup for F3C. Although this article is mainly oriented to F3C, the principles still apply to sport and 3D flying.. Click here.
    Futaba 9Z WCII for Dummies - Setting up a Helicopter
    The Futaba 9Z is an awesome piece of equipment although it can be intimidating at first! Here's how to setup a basic program for your model. Click here.

    Right: The head of the Xcell Tempest FAI, highly adjustable, but where should you start?

    I've been offered a really good job in Melbourne, Australia which I've decided to take up so I'm moving to Australia in mid-March, after the JR Challenge. I will still continue to run Littlerotors as it is though, and I'm looking forward to flying with the Aussies which will hopefully develop my flying a bit. The new job entails more than a bit of traveling so it may present me with opportunities to visit with the people I've corresponded with over the past few years. I'm still planning on traveling back to New Zealand for various helicopter events as well.

    3D Downunder
    Australia's first event to promote 3D went very well despite the weather! Lots of great flying and great machines!. Click here.
    Victorian State F3C Champs
    With some of Australia's top pilots and some top guns from Hong Kong present, this was always going to be a hard event! Click here.
    Visit to Model Engines Pty
    In less than two weeks I'm off to Australia to compete in a 3D and a F3C competition being held there. This is an overview of the leadup to this trip. Click here.

    Winner of the Sonic Nitro DVD
    The winner of the Sonic Nitro DVD is Jason Stiffey from WA, in the United States. I'll be contacting him shortly. If I cannot contact him, I'll redraw. The answers to the questions were:

    • What event was Sonic Nitro filmed? - 13th Annual Maryland RC Helicopter Funfly.
    • What is the make and model of the turbine helicopter featured on Sonic Nitro? - Jetcopter SX.
    • Who is the featured pilot representing JR on Maximum 3D? - Curtis Youngblood.

    Right: My CS in action at 3D Downunder.

    Flying the Fury Tempest FAI
    I've now had over 82 flights and 40 litres of fuel through my Tempest in the month it's been flying. It's had one F3C competition and I'm very happy with it so far. Here's what I have to say about it. . Click here.
    Pilot Profile - Pete (Panos) Niotis
    Pete Niotis is an up-and-coming 3D flyer in the States, he talks about starting flying in 2000 through to competing in the recent Xtreme Flight Championships. Click here.
    Australian Trip 03
    In less than two weeks I'm off to Australia to compete in a 3D and a F3C competition being held there. This is an overview of the leadup to this trip. Click here.
    Introduction to the Century Predator
    The Century Predator is one of the newest machines on the market and has it's sights firmly planted on Miniature Aircraft's Fury. We have a brief look at this exciting new machine, hopefully in the near future we'll have an indepth report on this new machine which looks set to take the market by storm. Click here.
    3D Masters 2004
    Details for the 2004 round of the World's leading 3D competition have come out! Click here.

    Right: The Tempest in action at it's first F3C round.

    Building the Fury Tempest FAI
    The Xcell Tempest FAI is one of the newest helicopters on the block and is Miniature Aircraft's new flagship of their line. Former World, Cliff Hiatt has designed this machine to be highly competitive in the upper echelon of F3C flying. Not that I expect it will make me fly much better, but I had to get one anyway!. Click here.
    Updated Flying Lessons
    Martyn Cook has put together a comprehensive list of maneuvers and variations for a budding pilot to work towards. Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUl93JxyKk4

    Right: The assembled Tempest FAI head.

    The links system is up and running, check it out!

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    Having problems with setting your machine up? I've put a few articles in the set up section on setting up your machine.

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