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Hirobo Sceadu .30 ARF Follow-Up Impressions
Hakim Tung

Heli………………… Hirobo Shuttle “Scaedu” (ARF version)
Where bought…… Cyberheli, Hong Kong
Engine ……..…….. O.S. 32SX Webra Speed 35 Competition
Muffler……………. Weston tuned muffler
Radio……..………. JR 10X
Gyro……………….. Futaba GY-240/S9253 digital servo
Servos ……..…….. Futaba S9204
Fuel…………………Weston 15% nitro competition Coolpower 15%

Add-Ons ….……… Bell-Mark twin plug head, header tank, Revolution base loaded antennae, Pegae start system, Quick paddles, SAB 550mm carbon blades, Hobbico voltmeter, home made cooling shroud, new canopy mounting system.

This is a follow-up of my impressions so far flying the Scaedu 30. It has not been smooth sailing with this machine and I seem to have developed a love/hate relation ship with it. Thankfully I seem to have sorted out its problems and now it’s a smooth flying machine with a real mean tail. As you can see from the specs above, the major changes are highlighted in red. Of these I would consider the engine to have really sorted out my machine.

I seem to be one of a very few owners who complain of overheating engine. I had tried everything to the OS32SX (ring) engine short of changing it. I changed carbs, built two cooling shrouds, changed the engine head from twin plug to single plug but no change. Problem was the engine still overheated and it was running very irregular towards the end of a tank. I was constantly fiddling with the radio throttle and pitch knobs trying to maintain a steady run. In the end I swapped the OS for a Webra engine that I bought for my RG/M, added a twin plug head made a permanent cooling shroud and voila….sorted. The Scaedu now has enough power even with the engine not fully run in.

Cooling Shroud
Below is a picture of the second shroud I made out of 0.5mm stainless steel plate. Its attached very securely to the frames using four 3mm hex bolts with plastic insert nuts. I can now feel a steady airflow beneath the engine.

Canopy Mounting System
For the troublesome canopy system, I removed the original plastic posts and substituted aluminum posts from my Freya. To secure them I use “Tetra” thumbscrews, which makes canopy removal quick and easy.

First some friendly advise; if you are in the market for a Scaedu forget the 30 and just go for the 50. Its well worth the extra you pay. The OS32SX seems to be underpowered for this heli being the dimensions for both helis are the same. Also, with all the fancy mould work that goes into making the frames, Hirobo could easily mould a cooling shroud and eliminate the potential of overheating. And those canopy-mounting posts belong in another planet!

However, the Scaedu remains a fantastic machine. The improvements to Scaedu just seem to jump out and make themselves apparent. The drive train leaves very little error for misalignment, the engine is easier to start, easier to service, the fuel tank is well placed, the frames are better designed, the tail gearbox and pitch slider is more sturdy, has ball bearings everywhere, has that neat radio box and the head and controls are slop free and precise.

I intend to put some serious mileage on mine. What are you waiting for….go fly!

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