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3D Masters 2004 - 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2004.

The acknowledged World 3D Helicopter Championship, 3D Masters 2004 has been set for the 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2004. Once again, the event has been extended to begin on the lunchtime of Friday with Practice in the morning to allow room for up to 60 competitors from all over the World.

The competition will feature the unique 3D Masters format of Set Manoeuvres, Freestyle and Flight to Music and will culminate in the unmissable dramatic and spectacular showdown on Sunday 25th July, after a full weekend of tense, hard-fought qualifying rounds.

Within minutes of the announcement of the 2004 dates we were contacted by Curtis Youngblood indicating his intention of avenging his defeat at the hands of Jason Krause in 2003. Anthony Jager, who partnered Curtis and Jason in the now legendary 2003 Saturday Night barnstorming session also contacted us to pledge his attendance, so we already have the makings of a spectacular 3D Masters 2004 for you.

In 2003, other World Class pilots such as the Szabo Brothers from Las Vegas, Scot Gray from Canada, Thomas Kleszczowski and Remi Epron from France, Clive Ceney from the UK and Petr Novotny from Czechoslovakia entered in the Masters Class, and their performances have already had a profound effect on 3D. In 2004 we are encouraging even more pilots from around the globe, and initial responses are very encouraging, so you can look forward to an amazing weekend of spectacular helicopter flying.

Another 3D Masters Humdinger has just set sail!

Watch www.3dmasters.org.uk for regular information feeds, and block out the weekend of 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2004 in your diary.

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