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Flying Lessons
Figure Eights
Nose In
Intro to basic Aerobatics
Stall Turns
Tic Tocs
Death Spiral

Flying Lessons

OK, now it's time to learn how to fly the beast you've just built. These lessons will take you from basic hovering to basic aerobatics and beyond.

Here's a plan. Go to the edge of your comfort zone - then "step just outside it" for a couple of seconds - and come straight back inside! Don't spend too long outside your comfort zone, or you'll smack your heli! This is a limitation in the brain department. Then go "outside" again, and then once more, just for a few seconds but a little longer each time. Gradually what was "outside" your comfort zone becomes "inside". So you can take the next bite. If your heart wants to climb out of your chest cavity - or your bowels feel suddenly loose - these are normal reactions to stress - they pass.

Figure Eights
Nose In
Nose-in hover below 10 metres
Nose-in hover below 1 metre
Nose-in descent at 45 deg
Nose-in landing
Nose-in circle around pilot
Piroette left & right

Autorotation to 10 metres then abort
180 deg autorotation to ground
180 deg autorotation with dead engine

Basic Aerobatics
Basic points for Aerobatics
Stall Turns
540 stall turn left and right
Consecutive loops
Consecutive rolls

Advanced Hovering
Circle with centre remote from pilot
Nose-in circle remote from pilot
Tail-in circle remote from pilot
Nose-in / tail-in figure 8

Basic 3D
Flip backward 360 deg
Flip sideways 360 deg
Flip back 180 then forward 180
Inverted hover tail-in
Inverted piroette
Inverted straight line flight
Half loop / straight inverted / half loop
Inverted banked turn 180 deg
Inverted figure 8
Inverted stall turn
Inverted outside loop from bottom (inverted)
Inverted outside loop from top (upright)

Intermediate 3D
Nose-in funnel upright
Tail-in funnel upright
Tic Tocs / Metronome
Tic-tocs to 30 deg
Backwards straight line
Backwards figure eight
Backwards circle remote from pilot
Backwards stall turn
Backwards loop
Backwards roll
Death Spiral
Rolling circle 4 rolls in per 360 deg
Backwards rolling circle
Inverted Auto

Intermediate Aerobatics
Vertical down 1/4 roll
Vertical down 1/2 roll
Vertical down roll 1 turn
Vertical up 1/4 roll
Loop with pirouette at top

Advanced 3D
Piroetting Flip/Chaos
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