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What you need
Radio System
Field Equipment

What else?

There's always something you need/want but haven't got, these are a couple of things that you'll need before you embark on your first flights.

Trainer wheels
When you're first learning, it's a good idea to get yourself a trainer undercarraige. What's this you say? It's like trainer wheels for your helicopter.

In the same way trainer wheels help you on your first few metres on your first bicycle, a trainer undercarraige will do the same for your first hops with your helicopter.

The undercarriage helps the helicopter from tipping over when you're first learning how to get the feel of the controls. It allows you to quickly 'dump' the heli on the ground without fear of it tipping over.

Basically, a trainer undercarriage is often two long sticks attached diagonally under the landing gear. Often times, the ends of the sticks will have balls so that the helicopter can skid along the ground without digging in.

Loctite is used to secure fasteners such as nuts, bolts and screws to ensure they do not come loose and vibrate out of their threads. When assembling your helicopter, the instruction manual will tell you where to apply Loctite and what version to apply.

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